About us
Solar Electric Systems

We are a small, agile firm specializing in service to our clients.  We work on a broad spectrum of projects (which keeps life interesting for us).  However, our core work is specializing in work with Christian Ministries.  "100% faith and Zero Dollars" is our favorite challenge.  We are in a unique position to help clients who fit into this category the most. 

Philosophically, we strongly believe in the ancient time honored methodology of the Master Builder.  Our emphasis is on how we can be the best value to our clients.  We do not object to ending up with good Design.  Contrarily, we greatly appreciate fine Architecture!  However, we do not believe Design should be an end unto itself.  It is the personal relationships with each other and our clients that bring the greatest rewards for us.  Most of our clients are seeking that personal touch and the sensitivity to their overall needs.  We are unique in that we provide a single point of contact delivery methodology.  We strive to provide all the services our clients need under one point of contact-from the initial concept stage to the final turn key completion.  Even so called Design-Build delivery methodologies traditionally provide multi-contact delivery.  Ultimately, our approach provides our clients with less stress, fewer costs, better service and greater value.